Web Design Questions Answered

Here is some information regarding our web design and hosting services.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Q. How much are your web design fees?

A. Please refer to our web design packages page. You can also fill out a online quote form to get an accurate website design quote for your new website or website rebuild. You can also call or email us and we can give you a price that way. We do not charge by the hour for initial construction of a new website. Hourly rates are only used for updates to the website.

Q. How much do website updates cost? Can I manage my own site?

A. If you want us to update your site, we can. Website updates are very affordable and usually run around $15 to $35 depending on what needs to be done. However we build our websites so that you can update them for FREE if you wish.

Q. How long will it take to complete my website?

A. There are a lot of factors that effect the completion date of a website: the size of the website, amount of custom work for the design or features of the site, and how quickly we receive the information we need to get started. The average websites in the portfolio were completed in a couple weeks but some are faster or slower depending on the variables mentioned. We will be able to give you an idea of completion date once we see what you need.

Q. What is web hosting and do I need it?

A. Web Hosting is what allows the website be "online". It's what connects your site to the rest of the internet. So yes, hosting is required. We offer hosting at affordable rates. Please refer to our web hosting page for more information

Q. What is a domain name and how do I set it up?

A. Your domain name is the name of your website (i.e. yourbusiness.com). There are many places to register a domain. We recommend godaddy.com. The .com .org .info and .net domains run about $10 per year through godaddy.com. 

Q. What do you recommend for a domain name?

A. You can choose whatever domain name you want! Just remember the domain name shouldn't be too long or hard to remember. You business name is always best. You can even purchase several domains and have them point to the main domain. (i.e. yourbusiness.com yourbusiness.net, yourbusiness.info, etc...

Q. How do we determine the design of the website?

A. The website's design can go several different ways. We can come up with a design, we can go over some design examples together, and/or if you already have a specific design in mind we can go that way too. If you have specific style preferences such as colors, theme, or font types please let us know. Otherwise, we can come up with something for you. Once we receive payment and the contract, we will begin the design process. Once the prototype is finished, we will show you. If anything needs to be changed, please let us know. Once you approve the design, we will begin the construction of the website.

Q. How do I get my site to rank?

A. There are many factors that go into your search engine rankings. It's best to discuss this over the phone to show you want we can do to make your site rank above the rest!

Q. Are your sites mobile friendly?

A. Absolutley! These days, we build either responsive websites which flex to fit all screens from a big screen tv down to a smart phone. We can also build non-responsive websites and just a mobile site to it, if you want to go that route. Many of our older sites you'll see in our portfolio don't have a mobile version because they were built before the mobile surge and the site owners have not gotten around to adding a mobile site yet. If you have a site that is not mobile friendly, we highly urge you to make it that way. Not having a mobile freindly website makes it hard for visitors to use your site on their phones and tablets (which is what the majority of users view the internet on these days), and it decreases your ability to rank in the major search engines. Basically, not having a mobile version or a responsive site, will have an negative effect on the performance and usability of your website and your business as a whole.

Q. How can we get started on my website?

A. It's as easy as a phone toll free phone call to 866-657-5668! We'll need to discuss what you'll want out of your website (i.e amount of pages, type of content, etc..). Once we know what you'll need, we can give you an exact quote. From there you can print off a terms/contract form on our website. Review and fill out the document completely. Then you can mail the contract to us. 50% of web design costs and 100% of the hosting fees are due upfront. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the website. Once final payment has been received, We will launch the website.

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