Photo Booth Rental in Michigan

Photo Booth Rentals in Michigan

JZ Internet, LLC Mar 23, 2019

Star Photo Booth Rentals, LLC is a located in Michigan. They are a photo booth rental company in michigan which offers the new "Magic" Mirror Me photo booth rentals as well as the traditional enclosed booths. This site is totally custom and of course mobile friendly. This site has a great custom video that showcases the Mirror Me photo booth. It offers is sleek yet beautiful design that is a step above the rest. Star Photo Booth Rentals, LLC offers printed copies at thier events but they also offer digital copies both on a thubdrive and online on this site. One of the unique features of this site is that it allows customers of the to manage thier own digital photos library from an event. They can password protect the photos so only thier guest have access and even delete photos they don't want. More feature will be added to this Photo Booth Website is time goes on!

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